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Online Vegetables Delivery - Dombivali

How technology and global trends are transforming the online fresh vegetables & fruits businesses. 

Every day, 1 billion people in India buy, clean, cook the vegetables and eats fruits consuming million tonnes of fresh vegetables & fruits 

But what, when, where and how we eat varies significantly by country and by consumer. Nowhere is that more evident than in India. The region is home to more than half of the world’s population – billion people, and dozens of cultures. Each state has its own unique food traditions and preferences, from the spices of India to the seasonal flavours of Japan. And each offers a range of ways of eating, cooked at home! 

Post Covid – 19 lockdown – Vegetables delivery is a large – and growing – industry. Sometimes, vegetables are simple; straight from the farm to our plates. But more often, what we eat has been crafted by a range of people – grown by farmers, processed by manufacturers, sold to grocers, and finally cooked in kitchen. As a result of changing technology, consumer preferences, globalisation and demographics, the industry is evolving. The food ecosystem is becoming more complex and more interdependent. This is driven by consumers, whose spending on food, and food decisions, are shifting.

Consumers have less time and prefer graded, cleaned, cut / chopped vegetables – to save their time. And hence, we help our customers by providing additional processing of fresh vegetables – which they can use without further grading and cleaning and even chopping. 

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